BurgerSwap Intro

About BurgerSwap
BurgerSwap is the first cross-chain aggregator combining rates and prices from the leading DEXs and CEXs; By combining the switch protocol, BurgerSwap, has integrated CEXs, DEXs, and DeFi deals into a single platform, allowing users to access any digital asset or transfer funds between any chains with best prices in one platform.
ipfs website: ipfs.burgerswap.org
About BurgerCities
BurgerCities “evolved” from Burgerswap, a DeFi product that was already available on Binance. It integrates DeFi and NFT into a larger metaverse scene to produce a uniform and standardized Web3 behavioral metaverse universe. People can engage in daily activities such as socializing, gaming, and so on in this realm. Simultaneously, experience DeFi and NFT functions such as Swap, Staking, and viewing NFT exhibitions through their visual metaverse image.
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